Garrett Young

Garrett Young

Unit Sales Manager/ Insurance Agent

Garrett Young is a Unit Sales manager with gateway Retirement Solutions.  He assisted Matt Herman in launching the company in September of 2015.  Garrett takes care of his clients' needs by first sitting with them to complete a comprehensive needs analysis.  He then develops a plan using the most appropriate company to meet the needs of his clients.  

Garrett is a graduate of the University of Maine at Orono.  He majored in Kinesiology and physical education with a minor in business and finance. After graduating from Orono in 2009, Garrett began his career working with special needs children at the high school level.  In the fall of 2012, Garrett pursued his career in retirement planning by becoming an insurance agent.  He soon advanced to management and began mentoring new agents to help them become successful in their own careers.

A sports and outdoor enthusiast, when Garrett is not working you could find him in a competitive environment or enjoying life on the lake or in the mountains on a dirt bike.  Living in the small town of Livermore, he spends a lot of time fishing or swimming in the lake.  The small-town community feel is something Garrett truly enjoys.  

*Garrett is not affiliated with Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.

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