It is our goal to provide solutions to the many concerns that today’s Americans have. In keeping with our promise we offer the most suitable products from industry leaders.

Areas in which we can help with Retirement Planning:

  • Paying too much for Medicare supplement insurance 
  • Rights and Options under Medicare 
  • Social Security Tax Reduction
  • IRA's and Minimum Distributions 
  • Review of Life Insurance Policies/Statements  
  • Investment Planning 
  • Securities offered through Lincoln Investment  
  • Wealth Management
  • Failing to plan for LTC
  • Income Planning
  • Improper allocation of assets
  • Understanding Medicare Laws
  • Veteran's Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Social Security Benefit Maximization
  • Auto & Homeowners Insurance
  • Business Insurance

In order to further service our clients we have developed strategic professional partnerships with a full service accounting firm and an Estate Planning Attorney. Hemlock Associates is able to help with a wide variety of accounting, auditing, and tax planning services.  Smyth & Associates, P.A. is able to assist our clients with estate planning, will & trust planning, healthcare directives, power of attorney, etc.  Our office is very much a full service insurance and financial solutions provider.

*Hemlock Associates and Smyth & Associates, P.A. are not affiliated with The Lincoln Investment Companies.